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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can you possibly get a cardio workout in only 4 minutes per day with the QuickGym / ROM machine?

  2. How can you lose more calories from only 4 minutes on the QuickGym / ROM machine than from an hour on a treadmill?

  3. Can you do more than 4 minutes per day on the ROM-QuickGym and get even more and faster results?

  4. Despite its very high price, how can you claim that the QuickGym ROM machine is the least expensive method to get the same results that people expect from 45 minute to 90 minute exercise sessions?

  5. How does exercise affect diabetes?

  6. How is it that the ROM-QuickGym is excellent for seniors as well as for highly trained athletes?

  7. How long has this QuickGym machine been on the market?

  8. What about Maintenance of the QuickGym?

  9. What about people with bad back, neck, shoulders, knees?

  10. Why are these 4 minute results possible with the QuickGym ROM machine and not with any other method of conventional exercise?