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We have received hundreds of testimonials over the past years (almost 20 years now!) and are posting a few here online. We have sorted the testimonials into categories according to the results users had. However, if you would just like to read all the online testimonials, please click here

A great time management tool and a fitness regime that you can stick to over time (19)
Many QuickGym ROM machine owners have told us that the time savings of the QuickGym exercise has been a critical factor for their adherence to the workout routine
Back Pain and Joint issues (8)
Blood pressure improvement (7)
Using the QuickGym ROM machine leads to improvement of the cardiovascular system, often leading to reduction or elimination of blood pressure medications
Cardiovascular Improvement (6)
Many ROM users have attested to improved cardiovascular health after using the QuickGym ROM machine
Customer Service and Quality of Workmanship (8)
We get many testimonials from customers thanking us for our great customer service and lauding the workmanship of the QuickGym ROM machine
Fat loss (8)
Through the increased muscle mass built through using the QuickGym ROM machine, users metabolisms are improved and this results in fat loss
Feel younger (5)
Improved blood sugar levels (3)
The exercise provided by the QuickGym ROM machine helps users balance their blood sugar levels, often leading to reduction or elimination of blood sugar balancing medications
Improves performance in sports (3)
The increased flexibility and other physical improvements gained from using the QuickGym ROM machine often translate to improved performance in athletic ability
Increased Flexibility (7)
Increased Strength (9)
Reduction or elimination of medications (4)
After using the QuickGym ROM machine, many people are able to reduce or completely eliminate the need for medications
Rehab for injuries (4)
The range of motion that the QuickGym ROM machine puts is users through is highly beneficial for rehabilitation from joint injuries
Stamina (14)
Tone (8)