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Rehab for injuries

Bernie Sohn – ROM Owner Since 2005 (Click on this to read full story)

I purchased the machine on or about March 4 2005. Actually that was when it was delivered to my home. Almost a year and a half has gone by since that time. [...] My results have been nothing but spectacular. I have dropped almost 60 pounds of body weight. [...]

There is one more detail I want to share with you and hopefully others out there. Last year around the holiday's I had to go and have X-rays done of my right knee. The comment that my orthopedic surgeon made to me was “most people with a knee as bad as yours are coming to me for knee replacement surgery". As you can well imagine there is not a lot of cartilage left in my knee. Even with that pronouncement I have continued to use the machine everyday. The fact that there is no jarring what so ever in the basic movement has allowed me to work my lower body every other day with no adverse results. Quite to the contrary my leg muscles have gotten so much stronger that today I actually have less pain and discomfort then when I first began. It is a real tribute to the designer of this machine that with my situation I'm still able to workout daily with no adverse results. [...]

Brett Boyd - Owner since 2008

[...] There have been clients that have rotary cuff issues and state that the ROM has helped the ache to go away and made their injury heal quicker. Many have lost inches considerably. We have seen great results. [...]

Kent Maurer - QuickGym ROM machine owner since 2006

[...] After using the R.O.M. consistently for a few weeks I stopped all the time consuming stretching I was doing, I felt (and still feel) so loose and injury free.[...]My hips, that were getting so tight (despite my stretching) from being a college running back, Hollywood stuntman and aggressive skier, and traditional weight training, worried me that I might need hip replacement some day. But thanks to the 

R.O.M.  my hips are extremely healthy now. As most people figure out, tight hips lead to an assortment of problems including knee and back issues. All my issues are gone.[...]

Now ALL my clients, young and old, are seeing the same benefits that I do: Strength without injury, flexibility and a greater lung capacity. They are taking their skiing, hiking, snow-shoeing, and biking  to a level they have never had, with EVERYONE staying injury free. Your machine works great, people in this town want to be outside and enjoy everything Park City has to offer, so this time efficient workout is a blessing. One of my sayings is "get in, get out, go play" and that's what we do. I offer a workout that now enhances the quality of my clients lives, but doesn't detract from it...or mine.[...]


Steve Duich - Owner since 2006

As a 60 year old life long "gym-rat" I was skeptical of your ROM machine and the advertised "4 minute workout". I was also concerned how the range of motion would impact old nagging injuries. [...]

Last week I was at Mammoth for five days, skied every day, and my thighs have never felt better.  The pain I expected the third day never happened. Usually I am hurting the third day, especially going down stairs or sitting down.  Not this year.