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A great time management tool and a fitness regime that you can stick to over time

Alice I. - ROM Owner since 2004
  Alice performed a fitness test before and after the trial to compare results, to help in her decision of whether or not to purchase the machine. Her results were pretty impressive!
Ben M. - ROM Owner since 2004
  The ROM Machine helped this customer stick to a consistent workout and see results after years of quitting other workout routines.
Blake McMahon ROM Owner Since 2004 (Click on this to read full story)

[...]After a treadmill stress test at my doctor's office a couple of months ago, the nurse remarked how quickly my heart rate fell back to normal, and that I must have been exercising aerobically. I just nodded my head in agreement, as she shared how she runs for hours a week, knowing she'd never believe me.

Lastly, I want to say thank you, not only for producing the ROM, but also for your extreme customer service. Your team has always taken the time to answer all of my questions completely and honestly. All of the special requests that I made were met with a professional "can-do" attitude. In short, your company is the best that I have ever worked with... [...]

Brant Oxford, DDS ROM Owner Since 2006 (Click on this to read full story)

Three years ago at age 55 I had my first cardiac stress test at the recommendation of my general physician. The test went well, and I was told that there was less than a 1% chance that I would experience a heart attack in the next two years. This test was repeated just yesterday at age 58. The cardiac nurse and technician informed me that the results for this test were even better. My resting and exercising blood pressures were better, and my heart rate was lower during the test than three years earlier. In other words, I am in better cardiovascular shape.

Clark Pitcairn - ROM Owner since 2003

Back in the summer of 2007, I took my 5 adult children with me to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro. It was to celebrate my turning 50. I did a few short hikes in preparation, but the main cardiovascular exercise I got was my use of the ROM for 4 minutes a day. Unlike my 5 kids (ages 19-27) I had few altitude sickness symptoms. My fitness level really helped me to have an incredible experience and I have to thank the ROM machine for that!

Constantine B., MD - QuickGym owner since 2005 (Click on this to read full story)
  Avid cyclist notices dramatic improvement in his performance on hill climbs and an increase in his VO2 Max.
Dameon C. - Recent ROM Convert
Gary H. - ROM Owner since 2004
  The machine delivers results quickly and noticeably so it has become a regular part of our lifestyle.
Greg Carter, M.D. - Owner since 2003
  "After a week of use, I realized that I was actually working out harder and more effectively, in a fraction of the time I had been spending on the other machines. My wife tried it and became convinced that the ROM was the real deal also. We sold the other machines and have never looked back! "
Kent Maurer - QuickGym ROM machine owner since 2006

[...] After using the R.O.M. consistently for a few weeks I stopped all the time consuming stretching I was doing, I felt (and still feel) so loose and injury free.[...]My hips, that were getting so tight (despite my stretching) from being a college running back, Hollywood stuntman and aggressive skier, and traditional weight training, worried me that I might need hip replacement some day. But thanks to the 

R.O.M.  my hips are extremely healthy now. As most people figure out, tight hips lead to an assortment of problems including knee and back issues. All my issues are gone.[...]

Now ALL my clients, young and old, are seeing the same benefits that I do: Strength without injury, flexibility and a greater lung capacity. They are taking their skiing, hiking, snow-shoeing, and biking  to a level they have never had, with EVERYONE staying injury free. Your machine works great, people in this town want to be outside and enjoy everything Park City has to offer, so this time efficient workout is a blessing. One of my sayings is "get in, get out, go play" and that's what we do. I offer a workout that now enhances the quality of my clients lives, but doesn't detract from it...or mine.[...]


Kent Otott ROM Owner Since 2005

[...] I am 41 years old. When I do the lower body workout, it brings back memories of high school cross-country. The ROM is exhausting! The upper body portion is always good. Every day, the machine does what it is supposed to. [...]

M.G. - Owner since 2008

Frankly, I do not relish my (alternating upper/lower body) daily 4-minute ROM workout. But I do love when I see that count-down timer stop

Mark C. - ROM Owner since 1996
  This testimonial was written after 14 years of use!: "At 4 minutes per day I figure I've saved about 6 or 7 months."
Mark L. - ROM Owner since 2004
  This former competitive athlete loves his ROM!
Roger W. Wilson. MD ROM Owner Since 2004

I have had the machine since last September and I find it has not only given me good aerobic exercise, but it has helped manage my chronic back muscle spasms.

Scott and Julie A. - ROM Owners since 2002
  It's the perfect machine for someone that is pressed for time. It will increase your strength in both the upper boday and the lower body as well as stamina.
Steve Duich - Owner since 2006

As a 60 year old life long "gym-rat" I was skeptical of your ROM machine and the advertised "4 minute workout". I was also concerned how the range of motion would impact old nagging injuries. [...]

Last week I was at Mammoth for five days, skied every day, and my thighs have never felt better.  The pain I expected the third day never happened. Usually I am hurting the third day, especially going down stairs or sitting down.  Not this year.

Susan Van de Bittner - ROM owner since 2004

[...]My husband had had to let out his suit jackets due to more muscle mass. We both love it.


I did have to cut down on the calf exercises, I was barely fitting into the ski boots when we went skiing. I am starting again and keeping it at 15 seconds, so they are just beautiful![...]

Todd T. - Owner since 2008
  [...] After an 8 minute workout (upper & lower body) I left feeling as if I had just had a two hour workout. Tired yes, but I would really describe the feeling as more exhilarated and refreshed than tired. [...]