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Increased Strength

Alberto de Leon Herrera Monterrey N.L. Mexico Ė ROM Owner Since 2007 (Click on this to read full story)

I own a ROM machine since April 2007. [...] My legs, arms, back, shoulders, etc., feel, look, and perform much better than they ever had. I am much healthier and stronger. At my 50 years of age that's something I thought was going to be hard to accomplish. I can lift heavy objects which I couldn't lift before. When I climb steps, I do it in 3 by 3 very easily. I now put on my socks and shoes without sitting, just like you mentioned in your video. Now my friends have started to ask me more about my ROM now that they have seen the improvements on me. I feel very good about how I look and how my body performs now, and I know it's going to get better in years to come.

During the first 45 days of use I reduced about an inch from my waist. My muscle mass went up, and my fat percentage went down. My blood pressure went back to normal, (I had high blood pressure and I was taking medication for it, I no longer need it). My aerobic condition definitely improved. I dropped 7 minutes from my usual 4 mile run. [...]

Alice I. - ROM Owner since 2004
  Alice performed a fitness test before and after the trial to compare results, to help in her decision of whether or not to purchase the machine. Her results were pretty impressive!
Alicia Burgoon Ė ROM Owner Since 2004 (Click on this to read full story)

Now that Iíve been using your machine for almost one year Iíll try to relate my experience with it. After the very first workout, which was upper body for four minutes, my chest ached/hurt because of the deep breathing the workout had required Ė this lasted an hour or so. Then the very next morning I realized while reaching for my shoes that I couldnít remember ever feeling so limber... That next day was my first try at the lower body workout, and I only lasted about one minute.

[...] Initially my shoulders and forearms were sore while doing the four minutes on the upper body, but this only lasted a month. My breathing, while dramatically revved up, quickly improved (no more hurt). Slowly I increased my time on the lower body and after three months had worked up to four minutes. Meanwhile my upper body was more toned/muscled and I had gained two or three pounds. While pulling weeds one day I suddenly realized that my thighs were so much stronger that, heck, I could squat all day! Six months after beginning on the R.O.M. I discovered that I was now able to do a full length stretch just before getting out of bed and not run the risk of spasms in the lower legs. Two months ago the strength of my thighs saved me from a fall. Literally pulled me up when I had been within inches of sprawling on the asphalt. My newfound breathing capability is noticed by me almost daily. [...]

Chuck Chapanian Ė ROM Owner Since 2003 (Click on this to read full story)

[...] Iím regaining strength, flexibility and balance that I havenít seen for years. I can squat down and stand back up without holding onto or pushing off of anything. For the first time in years I can put on my pants without holding on to anything. I havenít been able to touch my fingers behind my back for at least 15 years. Now I can link my fingers (at the first knuckle) behind my back. When I got for a walk, I now breeze up a hill the used to practically kill me only a few weeks before. [...]

Iíve got to say that this ROM machine is great and life changing! I wish Iíd bought one 10 years ago. I definitely wouldnít have been in such poor shape nor would I have gained a couple hundred unwanted pounds. I would have been able to be physically active and would have enjoyed my family and my life much more. I canít wait to see the results a year from now.

Constantine B., MD - QuickGym owner since 2005 (Click on this to read full story)
  Avid cyclist notices dramatic improvement in his performance on hill climbs and an increase in his VO2 Max.
Greg Carter, M.D. - Owner since 2003
  "After a week of use, I realized that I was actually working out harder and more effectively, in a fraction of the time I had been spending on the other machines. My wife tried it and became convinced that the ROM was the real deal also. We sold the other machines and have never looked back! "
Kent Maurer - QuickGym ROM machine owner since 2006

[...] After using the R.O.M. consistently for a few weeks I stopped all the time consuming stretching I was doing, I felt (and still feel) so loose and injury free.[...]My hips, that were getting so tight (despite my stretching) from being a college running back, Hollywood stuntman and aggressive skier, and traditional weight training, worried me that I might need hip replacement some day. But thanks to the 

R.O.M.  my hips are extremely healthy now. As most people figure out, tight hips lead to an assortment of problems including knee and back issues. All my issues are gone.[...]

Now ALL my clients, young and old, are seeing the same benefits that I do: Strength without injury, flexibility and a greater lung capacity. They are taking their skiing, hiking, snow-shoeing, and biking  to a level they have never had, with EVERYONE staying injury free. Your machine works great, people in this town want to be outside and enjoy everything Park City has to offer, so this time efficient workout is a blessing. One of my sayings is "get in, get out, go play" and that's what we do. I offer a workout that now enhances the quality of my clients lives, but doesn't detract from it...or mine.[...]


Mark L. - ROM Owner since 2004
  This former competitive athlete loves his ROM!
Scott and Julie A. - ROM Owners since 2002
  It's the perfect machine for someone that is pressed for time. It will increase your strength in both the upper boday and the lower body as well as stamina.