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Increased Flexibility

Beth – ROM Owner Since 2006 (Click on this to read full story)

I've only lost 6 lbs! And that's Good News, because I have lost a size and a half! Being a 53-year-old female, the importance of keeping and adding muscle to my frame is critical for my long-term health and appearance. I have exercised since my late teens - weights, yoga, racquetball – and now golf. I have also had issues with sciatica and lower back problems. And as we know, getting older and weight gain seem to be ”attached at the hip.” The first thing I noticed when we got our machine back in February, my sciatica and back problems started to diminish.

Carol B - ROM Owner since 2004
  The ROM has been integral to maintaining my body tone and flexibility for five years. [testimonial written in 2009] 
Chuck Chapanian – ROM Owner Since 2003 (Click on this to read full story)

[...] I’m regaining strength, flexibility and balance that I haven’t seen for years. I can squat down and stand back up without holding onto or pushing off of anything. For the first time in years I can put on my pants without holding on to anything. I haven’t been able to touch my fingers behind my back for at least 15 years. Now I can link my fingers (at the first knuckle) behind my back. When I got for a walk, I now breeze up a hill the used to practically kill me only a few weeks before. [...]

I’ve got to say that this ROM machine is great and life changing! I wish I’d bought one 10 years ago. I definitely wouldn’t have been in such poor shape nor would I have gained a couple hundred unwanted pounds. I would have been able to be physically active and would have enjoyed my family and my life much more. I can’t wait to see the results a year from now.

Kent Maurer - QuickGym ROM machine owner since 2006

[...] After using the R.O.M. consistently for a few weeks I stopped all the time consuming stretching I was doing, I felt (and still feel) so loose and injury free.[...]My hips, that were getting so tight (despite my stretching) from being a college running back, Hollywood stuntman and aggressive skier, and traditional weight training, worried me that I might need hip replacement some day. But thanks to the 

R.O.M.  my hips are extremely healthy now. As most people figure out, tight hips lead to an assortment of problems including knee and back issues. All my issues are gone.[...]

Now ALL my clients, young and old, are seeing the same benefits that I do: Strength without injury, flexibility and a greater lung capacity. They are taking their skiing, hiking, snow-shoeing, and biking  to a level they have never had, with EVERYONE staying injury free. Your machine works great, people in this town want to be outside and enjoy everything Park City has to offer, so this time efficient workout is a blessing. One of my sayings is "get in, get out, go play" and that's what we do. I offer a workout that now enhances the quality of my clients lives, but doesn't detract from it...or mine.[...]


Mark L. - ROM Owner since 2004
  This former competitive athlete loves his ROM!
Ron Price - ROM owner since 1997
  After three weeks of using the ROM machine front and back every other day, I felt better and noticed an increase in flexibility. After nine months of using the ROM machine I had lost 30 pounds and felt fantastic. After eighteen months of using the ROM machine I was no longer taking any medications (at the direction of my doctor) and had lost 56 pounds.
Steve Duich - Owner since 2006

As a 60 year old life long "gym-rat" I was skeptical of your ROM machine and the advertised "4 minute workout". I was also concerned how the range of motion would impact old nagging injuries. [...]

Last week I was at Mammoth for five days, skied every day, and my thighs have never felt better.  The pain I expected the third day never happened. Usually I am hurting the third day, especially going down stairs or sitting down.  Not this year.