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Fat loss

Alberto de Leon Herrera Monterrey N.L. Mexico – ROM Owner Since 2007 (Click on this to read full story)

I own a ROM machine since April 2007. [...] My legs, arms, back, shoulders, etc., feel, look, and perform much better than they ever had. I am much healthier and stronger. At my 50 years of age that's something I thought was going to be hard to accomplish. I can lift heavy objects which I couldn't lift before. When I climb steps, I do it in 3 by 3 very easily. I now put on my socks and shoes without sitting, just like you mentioned in your video. Now my friends have started to ask me more about my ROM now that they have seen the improvements on me. I feel very good about how I look and how my body performs now, and I know it's going to get better in years to come.

During the first 45 days of use I reduced about an inch from my waist. My muscle mass went up, and my fat percentage went down. My blood pressure went back to normal, (I had high blood pressure and I was taking medication for it, I no longer need it). My aerobic condition definitely improved. I dropped 7 minutes from my usual 4 mile run. [...]

Ann Steelquist, RN, MSN, CRNA – ROM Owner Since 2005 (Click on this to read full story)

[...]I regularly monitor my body fat percentage and am happy to report that after over two years of consistent ROM use I have dropped from 24% body fat to 14% body fat and have lost 14 lbs. [...]

Ben M. - ROM Owner since 2004
  The ROM Machine helped this customer stick to a consistent workout and see results after years of quitting other workout routines.
Bernie Sohn – ROM Owner Since 2005 (Click on this to read full story)

I purchased the machine on or about March 4 2005. Actually that was when it was delivered to my home. Almost a year and a half has gone by since that time. [...] My results have been nothing but spectacular. I have dropped almost 60 pounds of body weight. [...]

There is one more detail I want to share with you and hopefully others out there. Last year around the holiday's I had to go and have X-rays done of my right knee. The comment that my orthopedic surgeon made to me was “most people with a knee as bad as yours are coming to me for knee replacement surgery". As you can well imagine there is not a lot of cartilage left in my knee. Even with that pronouncement I have continued to use the machine everyday. The fact that there is no jarring what so ever in the basic movement has allowed me to work my lower body every other day with no adverse results. Quite to the contrary my leg muscles have gotten so much stronger that today I actually have less pain and discomfort then when I first began. It is a real tribute to the designer of this machine that with my situation I'm still able to workout daily with no adverse results. [...]

Beth – ROM Owner Since 2006 (Click on this to read full story)

I've only lost 6 lbs! And that's Good News, because I have lost a size and a half! Being a 53-year-old female, the importance of keeping and adding muscle to my frame is critical for my long-term health and appearance. I have exercised since my late teens - weights, yoga, racquetball – and now golf. I have also had issues with sciatica and lower back problems. And as we know, getting older and weight gain seem to be ”attached at the hip.” The first thing I noticed when we got our machine back in February, my sciatica and back problems started to diminish.

Bob Dillon – ROM Owner Since 2004 (Click on this to read full story)

We're finishing up the 9th month with our ROM and are pleased beyond words with the benefits it provides. We both use it every morning and have only missed when we were on vacation or sick. The results after nine months have been good. Connie went from 143 to 132 pounds and down a dress size. That's about her target weight since she is 5' 10" tall. Her body fat ratio is around 17%. More important, after four months on the ROM her blood pressure came down to the normal range and her doctor took her off the high blood pressure medication.


My results have been good in terms of getting the workout I need but my problem is I have always been quite thin. In the nine months since using the ROM, I have gone from 162 down to 156 pounds with a body fat ratio of 16%. I'm 6' 2" so "lean" is a generous description at this weight. But I am back to my 34 waistline. I would actually like to gain some weight but, as I said, have always been around the 160 to 165 level since my early twenties, and I will be 70 this year. Connie is a few years younger.

Kent Otott – ROM Owner Since 2005

[...] I am 41 years old. When I do the lower body workout, it brings back memories of high school cross-country. The ROM is exhausting! The upper body portion is always good. Every day, the machine does what it is supposed to. [...]

Ron Price - ROM owner since 1997
  After three weeks of using the ROM machine front and back every other day, I felt better and noticed an increase in flexibility. After nine months of using the ROM machine I had lost 30 pounds and felt fantastic. After eighteen months of using the ROM machine I was no longer taking any medications (at the direction of my doctor) and had lost 56 pounds.