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Mark C. - ROM Owner since 1996


Dear Tom,
Thank you for the swift attention. It's kinda like having my own ROM pit crew. I never missed a day. We've had the ROM for nearly 14 years, that's the only time I couldn't use it (I repaired it temporarily). And you provided a fix in less than 36 hours. That's a testament to the quality of your company and the machine, so well built, I know I won't wear it out, the brake pad on the adjustible centrifugal resistance is only now "broke in" and I've used it every day except vacation and the one day off after henia repair.

I can work as hard as I want or easy enough to do it in spite of broken ribs. I've been late, in a hurry and with no time and was still able to work out before leaving. I can always take 4 minutes. I've been fit for over 40 years and it used to take me 60 to 90 minutes per day. I want to feel good and spend my time creating something lasting. At 4 minutes per day I figure I've saved about 6 or 7 months.

Thanks you,