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Steve Duich - Owner since 2006


As a 60 year old life long "gym-rat" I was skeptical of your ROM machine and the advertised "4 minute workout". I was also concerned how the range of motion would impact old nagging injuries.


I had to quit running and had started riding a bike because of knee and hip problems.  I also have issues with my neck, shoulders and lower back that limit my activity at the gym.  


Well, after five weeks, I can see some very positive results.  Muscles in my legs that had atrophied from lack of use are coming back.  My hips, shoulders and lower back are pain free.


Two weeks ago I "tweaked" my lower back.  I started my workout slower than usual, but by the end of the four minutes, the pain was gone, and I was doing the full range of motion.


Last week I was at Mammoth for five days, skied every day, and my thighs have never felt better.  The pain I expected the third day never happened. Usually I am hurting the third day, especially going down stairs or sitting down.  Not this year.


I look forward to continued improvement, and just wanted to let you know you have another believer!


Steve Duich

San Diego, Calif.