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Beth – ROM Owner Since 2006 (Click on this to read full story)



Dear Fast Exercise, I've only lost 6 lbs! And that's Good News, because I have lost a size and a half! Being a 53-year-old female, the importance of keeping and adding muscle to my frame is critical for my long-term health and appearance.

I have exercised since my late teens - weights, yoga, racquetball – and now golf. I have also had issues with sciatica and lower back problems. And as we know, getting older and weight gain seem to be ”attached at the hip.” The first thing I noticed when we got our machine back in February, my sciatica and back problems started to diminish.

Then a problem – tendonitis in my right elbow – I kept hitting the ground wrong with my golf club! The doctors said Rest/Cortisone/Rest. I was on the machine 2 times per week, just enough to keep up some flexibility. It was a slow spring and summer getting that elbow back. So, 16 weeks ago I started back, it took me a little while to get back to the consistency of 5-7 times per week @4 minutes a day that averages out to -6.4 hours, (that’s 384 minutes) to loose a size and a half!I love getting up in the morning and starting my day with a work out. I can do it before coffee, and without an anti-inflammatory or two!

I feel like the MasterCard commercial:

Cost: $$$$$

Commitment to work out 4 minutes a day: doable

Getting out of bed w/o aches and painsand Fitting into my clothes the way I want:  PRICELESS! 

Thank You!