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Bob Dillon ROM Owner Since 2004 (Click on this to read full story)


Hi Tom,

We're finishing up the 9th month with our ROM and are pleased beyond words with the benefits it provides. We both use it every morning and have only missed when we were on vacation or sick. The results after nine months have been good. Connie went from 143 to 132 pounds and down a dress size. That's about her target weight since she is 5' 10" tall. Her body fat ratio is around 17%. More important, after four months on the ROM her blood pressure came down to the normal range and her doctor took her off the high blood pressure medication.

My results have been good in terms of getting the workout I need but my problem is I have always been quite thin. In the nine months since using the ROM, I have gone from 162 down to 156 pounds with a body fat ratio of 16%. I'm 6' 2" so "lean" is a generous description at this weight. But I am back to my 34 waistline. I would actually like to gain some weight but, as I said, have always been around the 160 to 165 level since my early twenties, and I will be 70 this year. Connie is a few years younger.

We cannot imagine life without the ROM and tend to be cranky when we miss our daily workout for any reason. We are also grateful, though, that we don't have to do more than 4 minutes!

Kind regards,
Bob Dillon