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Jeff – ROM Owner Since 2006 (Click on this to read full story)


In mid-2006, I decided to commit to getting in shape and started using my elliptical machine (which had been gathering dust for years) in earnest:30 minutes per day for ~3 months. Not surprisingly, these workouts got me into great aerobic shape, but they were a bit tedious - and left something to be desired from an overall toning perspective.

During this process, I heard about the ROM 4 minute workout, and ordered one for myself which arrived in early September of 2006. At first glance, the machine was incredible - I've never seen another piece of workout equipment so sturdy, well engineered, or beautiful in my home. The workouts were equally impressive.

After the first month of doing 4 minute workouts every day, I noticed a huge difference in my overall shape. My arms, shoulders, chest, legs, calves, etc were all well toned - and I felt more flexible than I had in along time. After 3 months, I was on a cruise and a friend commented that I looked “jacked" - something I'm sure I've never heard before!

After 6 months, I got a bit "lax" on my workouts, and noticed that my improvements were leveling off. This is where beginner's luck ended, and I really learned how to use the ROM in earnest. After being reminded that the machine will only push back as hard as you push it, I tried re-energizing my workouts by pushing harder than I ever did before - and the results again were amazing.

Bottom line - the ROM is an amazing machine which will give you an amazing workout, but only if you commit to giving it your all. Granted, the machine is only asking for 4 minutes of your time, so if you want great results - asking you to give it your all for 4 minutes doesn't seem like too tall an order!

Thanks for making such an amazing workout machine!