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Clori Isaac – ROM Owner Since 1993 (Click on this to read full story)


It was an unexpected pleasure to have you in our home for a service call to inspect our ROM machine and assure that is was up to maximum performance.

We originally purchase this jewel of an exercise machine thirteen years ago. This was our first service call in all those years.

We use the ROM every day when we are in residence and miss it when we are not.

I’m 83 years old and my husband is 91 years old. Being “oldies”, we need all the help we can find, to keep our bodies functioning well. Without the ROM, I doubt that we could have stayed active and relevant in today’s world of business and pleasure.

Thank you so much for your prompt, kind visit to inspect our beautiful ROM and for courtesy of caring for the integrity of this amazing invention. (In addition to its function, everyone who sees it remarks about the beauty of its design.)

With sincere gratitude,

Clori Isaac