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George Marshall ROM Owner Since 2007 (Click on this to read full story)


Good Morning,

I have just taken delivery of my new ROM machine for its 30 day test drive. I can't begin to say how impressed I am. I am not a very athletic person so my appraisals in that arena will have to wait for some time. However, I have been acquainted with machinery; tractors, lawn mowers, jet skis, outboard motors, automobiles and I have even assisted in the installation of an Otis Elevator! To know that this machine was built in the USA gives me such a sense of pride. It verily gleams with quality.

The people at Hi-Tech Transportation in Charlotte were exemplary; so very kind and helpful. Yes, other than an automobile it is likely to be the most pricey thing, aside from my home, that I will ever buy but you have made it as painless as I could ever imagine. I look forward to hating this thing for four minutes of every day and to watching my friends faces break out in sweat as they try to make four minutes of it.

Alf Temme, I feel that you must be a very brilliant man. I'm sure I will have a few questions later but for now I just wanted to say thank you and to express how very, very impressed I am with the ROM.

George Marshall