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Alicia Burgoon – ROM Owner Since 2004 (Click on this to read full story)


Now that I’ve been using your machine for almost one year I’ll try to relate my experience with it. After the very first workout, which was upper body for four minutes, my chest ached/hurt because of the deep breathing the workout had required – this lasted an hour or so. Then the very next morning I realized while reaching for my shoes that I couldn’t remember ever feeling so limber…

That next day was my first try at the lower body workout, and I only lasted about one minute.

And so my R.O.M. regimen began in earnest. Initially my shoulders and forearms were sore while doing the four minutes on the upper body, but this only lasted a month. My breathing, while dramatically revved up, quickly improved (no more hurt). Slowly I increased my time on the lower body and after three months had worked up to four minutes. Meanwhile my upper body was more toned/muscled and I had gained two or three pounds. While pulling weeds one day I suddenly realized that my thighs were so much stronger that, heck, I could squat all day! Six months after beginning on the R.O.M. I discovered that I was now able to do a full length stretch just before getting out of bed and not run the risk of spasms in the lower legs. Two months ago the strength of my thighs saved me from a fall. Literally pulled me up when I had been within inches of sprawling on the asphalt. My newfound breathing capability is noticed by me almost daily.

Many compliments have been made about my person that I attribute directly to the R.O.M. And although my brother, who is a personal trainer, remains skeptical – “…it’s still only four minutes…” , I feel from personal experience that I’m much healthier due to using the R.O.M. In my enthusiasm probably forty or more people have tried my R.O.M. Some immediately admire its sleek look, others are put-off by the price – but once they try it 99.5% like it and 75% love it!

Now for the downside – most frustrating is that it takes months to begin noticing a change in body composition. I’ve still got a layer of blubber around my middle… Also, I would like to have an audible notice that the four minutes are up. All-in-all the R.O.M. has lived up to its manufacturer’s too-good-to-be-true claims. I, for one, am very grateful to you all at ROMFab for making this machine available.


Alicia Burgoon