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Ed Cunningham ROM Owner Since 2007 (Click on this to read full story)


I have owned the ROM for just under one year now and it has had several benefits that have made it one of the best purchases of my life.

First, I now exercise daily without exception and experience the energy and sense of daily well being one derives from exercise. I am not by nature a jogger or exercise lover so in the past I could never get myself to do much just for the "sake of exercise." But anyone can ask 4 minutes of themselves.

Second, my weight of 175 lbs stayed the same but I dropped from a 34 waist down to a 32 waist. I had not been that waist since age 17 and I am now 39. I basically lost my slight spare tire and replaced that lost fat with additional muscle in my upper and lower body.

Third I look much better or at least I think I do which is all that matters.

Fourth, a lot of daily aches and pains that would come and go before the ROM are just not there anymore. My body feels 20 years younger. I think this is mainly due to the good stretching you get from the machine. In essence it has done everything and even more than advertised or I expected.

Ed Cunningham