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Michael Gailey – ROM Owner Since 2004 (Click on this to read full story)


I bought a ROM machine from you guys and shipped it to Alaska a few years ago; it was a great investment for me. I benefited several ways:

1) I had chronic tennis elbow in both arms. It was painful to use my arms for anything, but I dreaded the medical "cures”.  I wondered if the ROM Machine would help or hurt my condition, but I was wonderfully surprised. It did not aggravate my tendonitis, and in two months the pain was completely gone (after living with the pain for five years).

2) I also had constant trouble with my lower back and made frequent visits to the chiropractor, that's also a thing of the past.

3) The time investment was small enough that I kept up with it and got the benefits of regular exercise.

4) I have a lot more peace of mind about my health, and that relieves a lot of anxiety on top of a busy schedule.

Best Regards,
Michael Gailey