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Malcolm Winter - ROM Owner since 1993 (Click on this to read full story)




Hi Alf:
spoke to Tom this morning about the need for a part for my ROM. As you recall, I purchased my ROM in the early 90's and it has functioned flawlessly for about 13 years now. It has been the best investment I have ever made for maintaining my state of fitness and overall health.
Several years ago (I am now 75) I was tested in a medical clinic and my oxygen uptake (I think that is what they called it) was at the level of an Olympic athlete in his twenties. I remember the doctor who was administering the test as he was in complete amazement as I kept telling him to up the treadmill speed until it reached its maximum elevation and speed. When the test was finished and he looked at the results, he asked me what I was doing to be so fit. I told him I used the ROM daily for 4 minutes. He asked me about the ROM and naturally I extolled its virtues. He then said to me that it must be something else I was doing because just 4 minutes would not result in what he had tested. But he said "Whatever you are doing, just keep doing it."
So, the bottom line is that daily use of the ROM has served me extraordinarily well. It has become a daily habit sort of like brushing my teeth (I spend 4 minutes a day brushing my teeth and they are also in excellent condition) Many thanks for having made it possible for someone my age to just keep humming along like I am in my 20's. Next time I visit Southern California I will make a short visit to see the latest version being produced.
Cheers, Malcolm Winter