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Paul Harsch ROM Owner Since 2007 (Click on this to read full story)


Dear ROM,
I would like to add my praise for your exceptional machine, excellent organization and efficient method of doing business.
Most importantly however, I would like to say how beneficial I have found the machine, just in the relatively short time I have owned and used it. With few exceptions, I use it every day. I have noticed very distinctive changes in my strength and physiology and feel very pleased with those results. I really appreciate the fact that I can get an outstanding workout in such a short amount of time which means I really do use it daily.
Perhaps what I appreciate most however, is that yours is a company with a product that meets and exceeds expectations. Something quite rare. You do not oversell it; it performs exactly as described; it is a work of art besides providing an outstanding workout; it is delivered with care in protective crating such that there was not a scratch or ding anywhere, in spite of its mass and size.
Thank you and very best wishes for your continued success - but, please do NOT sell out to some larger company that would then cut quality.
Paul Harsch