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Ron Baretta – ROM Owner Since 2005 (Click on this to read full story)


My specific needs in exercise are unique. I was a national caliber gymnast in my youth and have benefited continued to benefit from the many, many hours I spent in the gym for many years. The problem I have always faced is that gymnastics was so much fun to do that it really didn’t seem like work. Actually working out with weights, running, aerobics etc. really does seem like work and I have found it very hard to consistently do what I need to do to stay and now get back into reasonably good physical condition.

The resistance the human body creates on pommel horse, still rings, parallel bars or horizontal bar varies with the effort placed into the activity, much like the ROM. I love the concept of the harder you push the harder the exercise becomes. To me it seems to be much more like my gymnastics than weight training or the like. The ROM is something I will do. I cannot find an excuse not to do 4 minutes per day. And like I think I read on your web site, the only exercise that actually works is the one you will do. I know the ROM will be a key ingredient in my personal health and well being.

I have purchased a lot of exercise equipment from a local retailer. They are “experts” in exercise and pretty much as you explain on your web site discounted the concept of the ROM. I now know they are wrong!

Ron Baretta