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Kent Otott – ROM Owner Since 2005


It has been a year since I have started using my ROM. I just wanted to write and let you know what I like about the machine.

1. Ease of use. It is just so simple to use. When friends come over for a visit, they are amazed at how quickly they can adapt to the machine.

2. Completeness of workout. I am 41 years old. When I do the lower body workout, it brings back memories of high school cross-country. The ROM is exhausting! The upper body portion is always good. Every day, the machine does what it is supposed to.

3. Health benefits. In my first year of ROM ownership, I have seen major results in body tone and an increase in strength and stamina. I have seen clothes fitting better and the beginnings of a smaller waistline.

4. Time. Everyone makes fun of me for a four-minute workout. The ROM has been an investment that pays off in so many ways, because it allows me to be a good steward of my time. This allows me to minister to teenagers, families and others instead of spending hours a week at the gym or worse yet –neglecting exercise.

I would recommend the ROM to anyone who values time and health. Thank you for such a fine machine.


Kent Otott – ROM Owner Since 2005