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Susan Van de Bittner - ROM owner since 2004


Dear Tom,


To update you on the QuickGym ROM machine, my husband has increased his coat size and uses the ROM machine everyday for 4 years with the exception of vacations. I have not been as consistent due to shoulder problems, but use it at least 2-5 time per week.


My heart rate at the physician’s office last week was 59! I am over 55 years of age. My blood pressure resting earlier this year was 84/60 (before moving or getting up).


My husband had had to let out his suit jackets due to more muscle mass. We both love it.


I did have to cut down on the calf exercises, I was barely fitting into the ski boots when we went skiing. I am starting again and keeping it at 15 seconds, so they are just beautiful!


We would not ever want to give up the ROM, it would take too much time to keep fit at this level!


Thanks you,



Susan Van de Bittner, Ph.D., RN