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Todd T. - Owner since 2008




I have owned the QuickGym ROM machine for nearly a year now and I must say it is one of the best purchases and investments in myself I have ever made. Was I skeptical? Sure I was, but the science made sense to me. Just to be sure, I tried the machine at a local gym before committing to the 30 day trial, not wanting to waste the companyís time or my own. After an 8 minute workout (upper & lower body) I left the gym feeling as if I had just had a two hour workout. Tired yes, but I would really describe the feeling as more exhilarated and refreshed than tired. Donít waste your time or money on gym memberships that just make you feel guilty for not going and then quit to spare yourself the guilt. Time is the only commodity that canít be replaced, and most of us donít have much of that to spare anymore. Is the QuickGym ROM machine expensive? It depends on what price you put on your time and your health. The alternative is more expensive! Make the commitment and just do it! I donít care how busy you are or how tired you are at the end of the day, absolutely anyone can find 4 minutes in their life for a workout you wonít believe!