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BBB OnLine

Brett Boyd - Owner since 2008


Jan 26, 2009


Dear Tom,


Our review of the QuickGym ROM machine is we are so happy to have purchased this machine. We have it in our gym called Anytime Fitness and it have been such a success for our members. We have almost 700 members in our gym, and growing every day.


There have been clients that have rotary cuff issues and state that the ROM has helped the ache to go away and made their injury heal quicker. Many have lost inches considerably. We have seen great results.


Not only have we seen the results, but we have had no issues in the ROM breaking down or problems of any kind. What a great piece of equipment!


We have a client Dale, who have Parkinson’s and his “shakes have diminished to the point where he barely shakes at all. Many have said how it “kicks their butt!” I have heard many terms such as; a torture chamber device, spaceship, and time capsule. People look scared to use it, until they try it. Then they love it!


We have loved having this be a part of our gym and thanks so much for everything!


April Rentchler

Manager of Anytime Fitness

Brett Boyd