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Ron Price - ROM owner since 1997




I am writing this letter to thank you and your staff for changing my life. The ROM machine may very well have saved my life. On August, 1991 at approximately 8:05 pm at the age of 47 I experienced a major heat attack. I weighed 235 pounds at that time, but it climbed rapidly after the heart attack. My doctor advised me to exercise and watch my diet. I purchased a treadmill, a stationary bike, a stair stepper and a cardio-glide. I also worked my way up to walking three miles every night in any kind of weather. Nothing was working. By April 1997 my cholesterol was 240, my blood pressure was high and my weight was 266 pounds and climbing. I was taking Cardizam medication for my heart along with cholesterol and blood pressure medication. I was also carrying nitroglycerin pills in case of chest pains.

It was at this time, April 1997, I discovered the ROM machine. After three weeks of using the ROM machine front and back every other day, I felt better and noticed an increase in flexibility. After nine months of using the ROM machine I had lost 30 pounds and felt fantastic. After eighteen months of using the ROM machine I was no longer taking any medications (at the direction of my doctor) and had lost 56 pounds. My weight was now down to 210 pounds and my doctor figures I lost around 75-80 pounds of fat, and replaced it with solid muscle. I am 56 years of age and haven’t weighed or felt this good since high school. I never thought I would feel or look this way again. The ROM machine has made such a big difference in my life and I will never stop using it. I now use the ROM machine six days a week, but for only four minutes a day. I do the front one day and the back the next day. Again, I wish to thank you for a new and better life.


I would also like to mention that I take a yearly stress test. Previous stress test results were always a little below what I should be able to do for my age and because of the heart attack. But my last stress test shocked even my doctors because I did 25% above what I should be able to do. This I attribute directly to the ROM machine.


Sincere thanks,

Ron Price


ROMFab notes: Shortly after writing this letter, Ron opened the first storefront gym to operate using only the Quickgym ROM machines (it was located in Catonsville, MD). After almost 10 years of operation, he closed it in 2007 and retired although he kept one of the machines for his own use.