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M.G. - Owner since 2008


Prior to starting a 30-day rental of the ROM in February 2008, I was part the 92% of people who did not exercise on a regular basis. Sure, I have had several gym memberships over my 62 years, will swim at every opportunity, and am fortunate enough to have been blessed with generally good health and physical condition to enjoy a variety of sport activities over the years. It is in the last two years that my love of cooking and caloric intake have begun to noticeably tip the scale and hamper my work and preferred activities.


Frankly, I do not relish my (alternating upper/lower body) daily 4-minute ROM workout. But I do love when I see that count-down timer stop, I begin to walk out the burn in my legs, my panting slows, the sweat beads up and I can kick off my jammies as I step into the shower. I can now relish that it has taken only a few dollars and 4 minutes of all out effort to provide me with more stamina, flexibility, and strength for the rest of my day. I have not shed pounds, but I know I have replaced fat and jiggle with muscle.


Although the DVDs and literature have been thorough, straight forward and comprehensive, the ROM support team continues to be ever ready to answer questions, offer suggestions and encouragement.


As I begin my 2nd year on the ROM (originally dubbed Ridiculously Overpriced Machine) and some of the additional workouts, the cost per use decreased as my physical benefits increase. I don’t like it, but I do recognize the value of being part the 97% of trial period ROM purchasers.


M.G – West Point, CA – February 1, 2009