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Sougata Maitra - ROM Owner since 2007


I was very apprehensive when I purchased the ROM.
Apprehensive, because of the cost and the effectiveness of the ROM.
I was in poor health (diabetes/blood pressure)and needed to do something.
I took the plunge and started using the ROM and hoped for the best.
The 4 minutes were/are tough. Sometimes very tough.
Initially, I had thought what could happen in 4 minutes but....sometimes after 3 minutes i almost want to stop. Even now.
My blood pressure has dropped and medications stopped.
My sugar levels have dropped and I am at a point where I don't have to take my insulin anymore. (Type 2 diabetes). Please know that I do take oral diabetes medication still.
I feel so much better and stronger.
Men: you do know what diabetes and blood pressure can lead to? Yes, ED.
This has helped me in more than one way. Trust me, I've been there ! Need I say more?
(Any form of exercise would produce such results.....but not in just 4 minutes a day)
My doctor is surprised and happy with my results.
I am 44 and I am starting to look fitter and feel more energetic.

My wife and sons use the ROM regularly too and have only positive things to say about it, other than the price.


Sougata Maitra

PS: please do not publish my address....but if anyone wants to email me..I would be happy to let them know about your product.