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Constantine B., MD - QuickGym owner since 2005 (Click on this to read full story)


Well I have been using the ROM for one year and It has met and exceeded all of my expectations.   I have used the ROM 350 times in the year I have owned it.  Which does not include the extra 1.5 minute ROM excercises I do for the abdominal and calf muscles.  My body has been transformed into a well defined cardio machine.  My stamina has improved and my strength is amazing.  I am a cyclist and the ROM has dramatically improved my performance on the hill climbs. My VO2 Max has definitely improved.

The beauty of the machine is its ability to work so many muscles in a short period of time. The fact that you can get these results in just 4 minutes makes working out after a busy day at work a possibility.  In the past if I got home from work after 7PM which is common, I would not work out because the tread mill or Nordic Track would take too much time.  Now with the ROM I work out every day.  The ROM is clearly the best excercise machine on the market.

Regarding the cost of the machine.  I agree that it is expensive face value, but when all things are factored in it is not that costly per use.  One other thing to consider is the cost of poor health.  Not excercising and gaining weight is a risk factor for heart disease and cancer. Using the ROM definitely will reduce the risk of these 2 common diseases. I am sure that many people would agree that the price of the ROM is a small price to pay for excellent health!

Thanks For a Great Product

Constantine B., MD