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Gary H. - ROM Owner since 2004


The ROM is one of those rare products that has proven itself to truly 
live up to its advertising claims.  Yes, it's expensive, and before we 
tried it, a complete 4 minute workout seemed pretty far fetched. I did 
some research on the Internet on high intensity exercise and found 
numerous articles and studies showing it to be a very effective form 
of exercise.  My curiousity got a hold of me so in February 2004 I 
ordered one on a 30 day trial basis.

We have been using it regularly ever since several times a week.  The 
ROM offers high intensity exercise without harmful impact to the body. 
  It provides effective cardio, weight resistance, and stretching in 
one 4 minute session.  My wife and I each get an excellent workout and 
the benefits of using it are obvious to both of us.  It is a 
beautifully engineered and constructed piece of equipment, built to 
withstand many years of use with minimal maintenance.  The fact that a 
complete workout takes only 4 minutes makes it convenient to use at 
any time of the day.  The machine delivers results quickly and 
noticeably so it has become a regular part of our lifestyle.

I have found the price of the ROM to be a brilliant and vital part of 
the overall design in ensuring regular useage.  Those occasional times 
I feel like not using it, I just think about what we paid for it.  
That gets me right back on the ROM!

Thank you for producing such a fine machine!

Gary Herbst