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Alf´s writings

Plasma Circulation
  The importance of Capillary Circulation
The Trouble with Experts
  A look at how experts help and hurt society. An interesting analysis.
A Law of Nature: Universal Demand Law
  A very interesting law of nature. It explains why all things living respond very favorably to varying forms of demands made upon them. This law also explains why all things living respond very disappointingly to most forms of socialism by reducing or eliminating demands made upon them. Well intentioned benevolence of reducing demands on people and other life forms has often very disappointing and unanticipated outcomes.
Exercise for different age groups
  Comparing 4 minute ROM exercises with impractical conventional exercise.
For losing weight severe calorie restriction is bad.
  This is what happens to women that lower their calorie intake too much
How To Lose Fat.
  Learn how to lose fat and why losing fat is so difficult and why most methods tried by people are guaranteed to fail.
It's not what we don't know that hurts, it's what we know that ain't so.
  A saying that applies to almost all forms of expertise.
Justifying the purchase of a ROM machine
  Some hopefully useful arguments that make economic sense
Legal warnings about the ROM
  This is the Warning sticker we have on our QuickGym ROM machine
Sit-Ups are a Waste of Time
  Spot-reducing is a myth
The Myths of Fatloss
  A short primer on the myths surrounding fatloss
Time Cost of Exercise
  Explanation why very short duration exercise succeeds and long duration exercise fails
Treadmills Are Useless.
  Over 92% of people who own treadmills do not use them.
Why diets fail for permanent weight loss.
  There are hundreds, maybe thousands of diet fads, and potions and lotions that promise weight loss. Most of them result in short term weight loss and longterm additional weight gain.
Why Is It So Expensive?
  This is an explanation why the ROM turns out to be the least expensive method of exercise.