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Los Angeles Times article, June 13, 2005
  Got a minute? Fitness that fits your schedule. Short bursts of intense exercise may be just as effective as longer training sessions.
BBC news story 2005/06/06 10:01:03 GMT
  Experts were mistaken all along. What else is new.
Another gutless piece of Journalism. Reuters Mon. Feb 12, 2007
  Frank Pingue a journalist writing for Reuters bases his whole article again on consulting some random experts
Book stirs controversy; Aerobics is a mistake and not good for losing weight
  What we have been telling people since 1990, that aerobic exercise is of very little value and that it is potentially even counter-productive for health.
Exercise and Health
  The relationship between exercise and general health and fitness
Fat Loss and H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training).
  ROM High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the most effective for fat loss and muscle gain.
Fatburning and High Intensity exercise (ROM exercise for example)
  Fat burning zone - Why athletes, fitness enthusiasts and slimmers should steer clear of the fat burning zone
From the South Beach Heart Program (Arthur Agaston) 2007
  Page 57 deals with Sedentary Lifestyle
How exercise affects Type 2 Diabetes
Long article full of references supporting high intensity short duration exercise
  From a ROM owner: "Believe it or not, this was the article that pushed me over the edge to order the ROM for the rental period. All references check out (yes, I actually go further to read references cited in articles like this)"
New York Times article
  We have been promoting HIT High Intensity Training with our ROM since 1990 when we started selling the ROM. It took the general media 17 years to finally catch up with this exciting breakthrough in exercise physiology
One Doc's Drug Complaint, an interview published in Discover magazine
  John Abramson is a clinical instructor of primary care at Harvard Medical School
One Fitness expert that gets it
  Fitness instructor Kelly Knueppel of Kelly's Fitness as a Certified Personal Trainer (IFPA) is an exception to the rule by teaching and practicing in her classes the same principles on which the ROM is based.
The "experts" are finally catching on to what we tried to tell them about ROM hiit way back in 1990.
  Another university study on hiit (High intensity interval training).
The Aerobics Craze - A Monumental Mistake by Al Sears, MD
  There is a lot of vested interest keeping the myth of Aerobics alive. I wonder what kind of flack this Al Sears will get from his peers and the whole healthcare industry.
The cause of muscle soreness after exercise
  These are research related findings from several sources
Time Magazine story 2005-06-06
  Some good and another expert-know-nothing
Using oxygen and burning calories AFTER exercise (EPOC)
  Oxygen consumption after low intensity exercise
Washington Post Article April 11, 2006
  One reporter's opinion and of course the obligatory response from Alf Temme