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The QuickGym / ROM machine Workout

In one 4 minute workout, the QuickGym / ROM machine will give you 3 workouts in one: a strengthening workout, a cardio workout and a flexibility workout.
  1. Build muscle to lose fat

  2. A lot of focus nowadays is put on weight loss. Diets and exercise programs promise to shed weight quickly. However the key to lasting weight loss is building muscle.

    At QuickGym / ROM machine, we like to focus on fat loss, not weight loss. If you lose weight quickly, you are most likely also losing muscle tissue. This is the biggest reason for yo-yo weight loss and gain: if you lose muscle when trying to shed fat, you are also decreasing your metabolism, which is why the fat comes back so easily.

    The QuickGym / ROM machine will help you build muscle, which increases your metabolism and leads to increased fat burning, and long lasting fat loss.

  3. The QuickGym / ROM machine provides a great cardio workout

  4. The QuickGym / ROM machine promotes the improvement (or maintenance) of the cardiovascular system. The increased heart rate you have during your workout will improve your heart and lungs. Your heart will pump more blood with fewer beats and your lungs will transport more oxygen with less effort.

    Erroneously, cardio and aerobics have become somewhat synonymous in exercise vernacular, and many think that it is necessary to do aerobic exercise (any activity that is performed at a low to moderate intensity for more than 90 seconds, allowing oxygen to release energy through metabolism) to get cardiovascular benefits.

    However, anaerobic exercise (any activity that is performed at a medium to high intensity for a short duration where energy is derived without oxygen) will also increase cardiovascular function. So you definitely will get cardiovascular benefits through high-intensity, short duration workouts. You don't need to spend hours every week on a treadmill or stationary cycle to improve your cardiovascular function, just four minutes a day on the QuickGym / ROM machine will give you cardio benefits.

  5. Stretching and flexibility

  6. Flexibility is defined as the allowed range of motion at any given joint throughout the skeletal and muscular structures. Along with the noticeable increase in physical performance, high flexibility also increases the blood flow and nutrient supply to the muscles during sustained physical activity. The workouts on the QuickGym / ROM machine put you through a larger range of motion than most traditional workouts, thus increasing your flexibility.
How does the QuickGym / ROM machine provide this workout?

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